Steredenn: Binary Stars

Steredenn: Binary Stars

The Ultimate Steredenn Edition

STEREDENN: BINARY STARS is the hugely improved and massively expanded version of the original STEREDENN.

STEREDENN: BINARY STARS is an award-winning mashup of a classic shmup and a rogue-like, carved in big beautiful pixels, with insane boss battles. Fly solo or co-op with a friend, fighting off the worst scourges of space in a never-ending struggle for survival.

More weapons, more upgrades, more polish, more waves, a new balance, a new scoring. Play with 5 different ships, each with its own playstyle and special ability. Re-discover the game through the brand new co-op mode and the boss rush. This expansion is the ultimate STEREDENN experience!

STEREDENN: BINARY STARS is available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and iOS.




presskit.html open source web

presskit.html is re-implementation of presskit() as a static site generator, with a permissive MIT license.

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Laval 3Di

Laval 3Di game teaching

Laval 3Di is a campus dedicated to video games and interactive digital medias.

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BulletML for Unity

BulletML for Unity library

BulletML for Unity is a simple and powerful wrapper around BulletML which allows you to design bullet patterns in your Unity game.

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George game

George is a short game created to illustrate the use of the LeapMotion and presented at the Stunfest 2013 (an event at Rennes, France).

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Client Work

Night Call

Night Call dev game Client Work

Additional development for Night Call, a new kind of narrative and noire game.

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Solvay design Client Work

Design thinking workshop and interactive mockups creation.

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Shmupfest design dev game Client Work

Development and design of the Shmupfest, an infinite retro 2D shmup made for the Stunfest 2014 festival.

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Abandoned Products



RAMPAINT is a multiplayer-platformer-fighter game for your couch, friends and TV.

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