Steredenn: Binary Stars on Steam and Xbox One

April 10th, 2018

About a month after the Nintendo Switch, Steredenn: Binary Stars is available on Steam and Xbox One!

Watch the trailer:

To recap quickly what Steredenn: Binary Stars is:

Youn can read the FAQ about our thought-process and decisions behind the update for more information.


It’s bundled as a free DLC, automatically included with your Steredenn purchase. Restart Steam, and you should see a new update available. You’ll get the 2.0.0, 2.1.0 and 2.1.1 updates in one package.

The leaderboards are also new. You can still check the old ones, but Steredenn: Binary Stars is a fresh start for everyone.

You can switch between Steredenn: Classic and Steredenn: Binary Stars at will, just by clicking the checkbox in the DLC list.

Obviously, there isn’t many reasons to play Steredenn: Classic instead of Steredenn: Binary Stars, but if you are nostalgic, it’s still possible. ;)

Get the free DLC on Steam!

Xbox One

The update should be available in a few hours. The game will be automatically updated as soon as the update is live. You’ll get the same updates as the Steam version, meaning the 2.0.0, 2.1.0 and 2.1.1.

Have fun with Steredenn: Binary Stars!


10 april. 2018
By Pixelnest Studio

Steredenn: Binary Stars on Nintendo Switch

March 8th, 2018

It’s here. Steredenn: Binary Stars is out now on Nintendo Switch!

For us, it’s a brand new platform, as well as the first release of our huge expansion for Steredenn, featuring local co-op mode, 5 playable ships, a new mode, and tons of new content.

Buy it here:

You can watch the brand new trailer:

And don’t forget the AMA we are doing today on /r/NintendoSwitch (at 08:00 AM PST/05:00 PM CET). Ask us anything!

Share the love and speak about the game: everything helps spreading the word about Steredenn — this means a lot to us. We want to share this last year of intensive work to as many people as we can.

Thanks for your patience. We hope you’ll love Steredenn: Binary Stars.

A few links before finishing this post:


8 march. 2018
By Pixelnest Studio

Announcing Steredenn AMA on Reddit and new OST

Little delights before the release

The Steredenn: Binary Stars release on Nintendo Switch is imminent (March 8th)!

To not let you down for the last few days, we have some small treats for you.

AMA on Reddit on March 8th

We will do an AMA on the Nintendo Switch subreddit on March 8th, the same day as the release. Thanks to the /r/NintendoSwitch team for planning and hosting this. 😊

Banner Reddit AMA

It will be at:

  • 08:00 AM (PST) - San Francisco
  • 11:00 AM (EST) - New York
  • 04:00 PM (GMT) - London
  • 05:00 PM (CET) - Paris

Trouble finding your timezone? Click here!

Meet us there on March 8th, and feel free to ask any question. 🙂

OST on Bandcamp

Finally, the new OST is out! You can listen to it on Bandcamp right now.

It’s still the awesome work from the fabulous Zander Noriega, the original composer behind the Steredenn soundtrack.

This version includes all the original tracks, as well as 3 new tracks for Binary Stars version:

  1. Binary Stars
  2. Dimensionless Devourers
  3. Theorem 199 (Supermassive)
  4. And a bonus…

Theorem 199 (Supermassive) is a reprise of an old track of Zander Noriega (Theorem 199), that we used for an early teaser of the game. We loved it so much that we asked him to rework it a bit for the new version.

You can listen for free on Bandcamp, or buy it for a cheap $3. Anyways, it’s a steal! Enjoy. 😉

A small reminder: you can already pre-purchase the game on the Nintendo Switch eShop page right now!

6 march. 2018
By Pixelnest Studio

Steredenn: Binary Stars — only one week away!

Warm-up the pilots, open cockpits, prepare the thrusters

Steredenn: Binary Stars, coming to Nintendo Switch, is just one week away! (March 8th, 2018) 👏

The pre-orders for Nintendo Switch are now opened:

Pre-purchase it now, and it will be pre-loaded on your Switch, ready to be unlocked on the release day. If you are unsure about the process, you can read the official FAQ about pre-purchases from Nintendo.

If you want to find out more about the game, go to the website and/or read the FAQ.

You can also watch the teaser once again:

It’s your time to grab the ultimate Steredenn experience. 🚀 🎟

1 march. 2018
By Pixelnest Studio