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We can help you specify your need, but in the end, we will not work for you without a precise overview of what you want. Then, we can provide a quote for the project.

If you are ok with that:

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You organize a conference, a workshop, or a show and you want us to speak about a specific topic?

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Game development

We have designed and released a few games, most notably Steredenn. We are mostly efficient doing 2D games, with an heavy focus on the feeling and “juiciness”. We use Unity3D and C#, but we might do some small games on a web browser with Javascript.


We can handle your front-end work, using HTML/CSS and Javascript. We can create custom back-ends with Go and C#/ASP.NET.


We can design your user interface, for a web site, a game or an application. We use Sketch only. We can help you design a great user experience for your product.