Pixelnest V2

New logo, new website and new theme


After a few months in the work, we are happy to announce the new face of Pixelnest!

Pixelnest V2

For the occasion, we revamped the whole website as well. If you find any problem in your browser or any dead link, please tell us. ;)

Pixelnest Studio

Our old identity wasn’t representative of us anymore. The pirate (George) meant nothing to many of our followers, and the website seriously started to feel dated. It was time to do something. And now that most of the work on Steredenn is over, we could really take the time to reimagine ourselves for the years to come.

I will probably write something about the process behind the redesign, but now is not the day.


If you are wondering what is the meaning of the logo… well, it’s open to interpretation. I personally see a mask, but some think it’s a cat, while Damien thinks it’s a fox. It’s up to you!

Business Cards

Thanks to you for allowing us to continue Pixelnest, almost two years after its debut. Be ready for the launch of Steredenn on PS4 in a few days!

22 june. 2016
By Matthieu Oger