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Hello fellows!

This week is a big one for Pixelnest: the studio now officially exists!

We are legally referenced as a company by the french administration. We have also updated our website to add the required legal information (FR).

Things are getting serious, stay tuned for a major upcoming announcement!

11 february. 2014
By Pixelnest Studio

2D animations tutorial

bonus chapter for our Unity 2D tutorial!

Fellow game developers, many of you asked us when we were going to release a new chapter about the 2D animations tools with Unity 4.3.

The answer is… now!

We are very happy to announce that the topic is now covered in depth in the tutorial! We made two parts, as there is a lot to show and explain.

See the updated table of content.

You will learn how to make an end-level boss that uses animations. You can see the result below:

Animations tutorial result

(Click to see it in motion)

We hope that you will enjoy this new content!

As always, feel free to to send us your feedback or the mistakes you find. We are very open to discussion and we will try to fix our errors quickly. You can reach us using our contact page.

10 december. 2013
By Pixelnest Studio

External resources

game dev, design, unity and business articles

We have compiled a big list of external resources in our Tutorials page.

We address a large range of topics, including game dev, business and Unity, to name but a few.

If you have some additional links that we are not aware of, feel free to contact us. :)

26 november. 2013
By Pixelnest Studio