BulletML for Unity

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Our first package for Unity—BulletML for Unity—has been accepted! Great! But… what is BulletML for Unity?

From our documentation:

BulletML for Unity is a simple and powerful wrapper around BulletML, for Unity 4.3 or higher.

It allows you to design some very complex bullet patterns with a simple XML file. It’s especially useful in “Shoot’Em Up” (shmup) games to create memorable boss fights or enemies.

Although BulletML for Unity is intended to be used in shmups, it is NOT limited to this genre. You can use it in any game you want.

The plugin costs 20$ on the Asset Store.

You can find more information about the features, the package and the license on our complete documentation.

Buy BulletML for Unity Only on the Unity Asset Store


We hope you will enjoy this package for Unity. It’s our first officially released product so it’s a big day for us. :)

Do not hesitate to follow us on twitter or through our RSS feed if you like BulletML for Unity. We would be happy if you could also review our plugin on the Asset Store too.

We would love to hear your feedback too!

For any problem about the plugin, contact us via bulletml-unity@pixelnest.io or twitter.


This plugin is NOT the BulletML library (but it includes it).

It’s a wrapper around it to make it work on Unity effortlessly. We are not the provider and main developer behind the official library or format.

8 april. 2014
By Pixelnest Studio