Steredenn: Binary Stars on Nintendo Switch

March 8th, 2018

It’s here. Steredenn: Binary Stars is out now on Nintendo Switch!

For us, it’s a brand new platform, as well as the first release of our huge expansion for Steredenn, featuring local co-op mode, 5 playable ships, a new mode, and tons of new content.

Buy it here:

You can watch the brand new trailer:

And don’t forget the AMA we are doing today on /r/NintendoSwitch (at 08:00 AM PST/05:00 PM CET). Ask us anything!

Share the love and speak about the game: everything helps spreading the word about Steredenn — this means a lot to us. We want to share this last year of intensive work to as many people as we can.

Thanks for your patience. We hope you’ll love Steredenn: Binary Stars.

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8 march. 2018
By Pixelnest Studio