Announcing presskit.html

Re-implementation of presskit() as a static site generator

presskit() has successfully become a videogame industry standard for press kits1. It was created by Rami Ismail of Vlambeer, along with some other fine people.

presskit() is great: the format that it provides is clear, well-known and practical. That’s why we use it at Pixelnest.

However, presskit() didn’t match our development process and technology stack, so we had to hack our a way around its PHP-based codebase. Moreover, like many people nowadays, we grew fond of static site generator like Jekyll, Hugo or Gatsby. Simple HTML pages are more efficient, robust and simple for many cases… like a press kit!

So, deep down, we knew that we had to re-implement it for people who use static site generator, like we do.

Moreover, presskit() development has staled since 2014. It’s not a problem: it’s an open source project and people can get and change the code as they like. But we didn’t want to invest time in a PHP project that didn’t fit us. So instead, we decided to re-implement presskit() the way we prefered: as a static site generator.

So please, welcome presskit.html, our static site generator for presskit(), with a permissive MIT license. 🤘

Go to presskit.html

And read the quickstart for existing presskit() users. 😉

There’s a complete documentation and introduction to the project on the GitHub page. It’s available through npm.

A fair bit of warning: it’s still a beta and can/will have bugs. However, it’s completely capable of re-creating an existing presskit() (see ours or the example). We have some small additions to make before considering it an 1.0.0 project, including a visual application for non-developers. As it stands today, the project requires some basic command-line knowledge, which might restrict non-technical users.

So, ready? Go check presskit.html!

  1. Well, kind of, at least. Still, if you check most of your favorite indie games, you can find a presskit() on their sites. 

24 march. 2017
By Pixelnest Studio