Say hello to Steredenn!

it's still "space + shooter + pirates + pixel art = <3"

The end of August has been a busy time for Pixelnest. We are still working hard on our upcoming shooter. And, as you might already have seen, the game has changed its name.

Please welcome… Steredenn!

You can re-watch the teaser:

And of course, the website is still available on, along with our devblog on tumblr or our newsletter.


8 september. 2014
By Pixelnest Studio

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Two days ago, we made a big announcement in the form of Steredenn.

Rest assured, Steredenn is our main focus for now and until its release. We are not working on anything else, as we did before by working on a few things at the same time.

But… What happened to our other projects?

  • BulletML for Unity is one of the core components of Steredenn. We are using and updating it.
  • Rampaint is currently in pause. We are not working on it for the moment, and we may ditch it completely in the future. It was a cool project, but we aren’t sure to where it might lead us.
  • The Shmupfest is complete. We will not update the game anymore, but you can play it online.

One last word about the tutorials: because we want to invest 100% of our time into Steredenn, we are not going to write tutorials anytime soon. However, we will document the process of creating Steredenn on its devblog. If you want to learn a bit more about the creation of a game, be sure to subscribe to this tumblr. ;)

And that’s all for today!

13 august. 2014
By Pixelnest Studio


space + shooter + pirates + pixel art = <3

It has been a long time since we’ve made a public announcement. We were hard at work on a very cool new thing.

It’s time for us to reveal our new baby: Steredenn! And there’s no better way to present it than with this short teaser we’ve made for you:

Steredenn is a frenetic space shooter, carved in big beautiful pixels. But enough talking, just go read what’s on the brand new Steredenn’s website. ;)

The game is made in collaboration with this awesome illustrator and friend of ours: Plus.

We are thrilled to present this new game. It’s coming really soon and we will post a lot of updates on our twitter, the game devblog and the newsletter.

We’ve also updated our press kit. It’s available here.

Have fun awaiting Steredenn.

11 august. 2014
By Pixelnest Studio