STEREDENN on iPhone and iPad

May 11th, 2017

Steredenn is officially available on the App Store for $3.99/4.49€!

Buy on the App Store Steredenn

With clear and precise controls, Game Center integration, and a stickers pack included, you will blast through the game at the speed of light!

If you enjoy the game, leave a review on the App Store: that makes a huge difference for us. Thanks! 💖

The road to the App Store

What a journey!

When we started the development of Steredenn during the spring of 2014, we originally planned to launch the game on mobile a few months later. We were so young and naive… ;)

In the end, we took one year and a half to complete the game, and we released Steredenn on Steam (PC/Mac/Linux). We then changed our focus to the consoles, with a release on Xbox One and PS4 later.

But secretly, we still wanted to port the game on mobile devices… and the first step is complete today! Get the game on the App Store for iPhone and iPad now.

But what about Android?

For Android users: we know that you also want to play the game, and we don’t forget you. But, alas, we have limited bandwith (we are only two people) and we can’t test and polish the game enough at the moment. We are still working on it, and we do want to release it on Android.

We don’t have a release date yet, neither an estimation of the time we will need, so stay tuned. ;)

11 may. 2017
By Pixelnest Studio

Announcing presskit.html

Re-implementation of presskit() as a static site generator

presskit() has successfully become a videogame industry standard for press kits1. It was created by Rami Ismail of Vlambeer, along with some other fine people.

presskit() is great: the format that it provides is clear, well-known and practical. That’s why we use it at Pixelnest.

However, presskit() didn’t match our development process and technology stack, so we had to hack our a way around its PHP-based codebase. Moreover, like many people nowadays, we grew fond of static site generator like Jekyll, Hugo or Gatsby. Simple HTML pages are more efficient, robust and simple for many cases… like a press kit!

So, deep down, we knew that we had to re-implement it for people who use static site generator, like we do.

Moreover, presskit() development has staled since 2014. It’s not a problem: it’s an open source project and people can get and change the code as they like. But we didn’t want to invest time in a PHP project that didn’t fit us. So instead, we decided to re-implement presskit() the way we prefered: as a static site generator.

So please, welcome presskit.html, our static site generator for presskit(), with a permissive MIT license. 🤘

Go to presskit.html

And read the quickstart for existing presskit() users. 😉

There’s a complete documentation and introduction to the project on the GitHub page. It’s available through npm.

A fair bit of warning: it’s still a beta and can/will have bugs. However, it’s completely capable of re-creating an existing presskit() (see ours or the example). We have some small additions to make before considering it an 1.0.0 project, including a visual application for non-developers. As it stands today, the project requires some basic command-line knowledge, which might restrict non-technical users.

So, ready? Go check presskit.html!

  1. Well, kind of, at least. Still, if you check most of your favorite indie games, you can find a presskit() on their sites. 

24 march. 2017
By Pixelnest Studio

Pixelnest V2

New logo, new website and new theme


After a few months in the work, we are happy to announce the new face of Pixelnest!

Pixelnest V2

For the occasion, we revamped the whole website as well. If you find any problem in your browser or any dead link, please tell us. ;)

Pixelnest Studio

Our old identity wasn’t representative of us anymore. The pirate (George) meant nothing to many of our followers, and the website seriously started to feel dated. It was time to do something. And now that most of the work on Steredenn is over, we could really take the time to reimagine ourselves for the years to come.

I will probably write something about the process behind the redesign, but now is not the day.


If you are wondering what is the meaning of the logo… well, it’s open to interpretation. I personally see a mask, but some think it’s a cat, while Damien thinks it’s a fox. It’s up to you!

Business Cards

Thanks to you for allowing us to continue Pixelnest, almost two years after its debut. Be ready for the launch of Steredenn on PS4 in a few days!

22 june. 2016
By Matthieu Oger


April 1st, 2016

March 21, 2016 – Rennes, France: A mass arrival of bullets is coming this April on the Xbox One with the chaotic space shooter STEREDENN!

The unique space roguelike-shooter will hit the Xbox One on April 1st.

Pixelnest Studio is happy to announce the upcoming release of STEREDENN on the Xbox One the first of April.

STEREDENN is a frenetic and chaotic space shooter, carved in big beautiful pixels, with insane boss battles.

STEREDENN is a new blend of a typical shoot’em up and an infinite hardcore roguelike.

The game is an endless aventure. It’s unforgiving. It’s hard. Weapons are numerous and each has a distinct playstyle. Levels are randomly generated, with a lot of different and completely unpredictable events (asteroid fields, laser rains, meteor showers, old battlefields, labyrinths of lasers, etc.). Boss fights are tough, intense and epic. Each time one of them is defeated, the ship can be upgraded — unlocking new powers and abilities.

The game offers around twenty beautiful pixel-art backgrounds, a dozen of terrific and gigantic bosses, tons of upgrades and weapons and hundreds of hand-made enemy waves.

The game has been awarded the prestigious title of “Best Shoot’em Up of the year 2015 on PC” by the well-known french website It received 90% of positive reviews on Steam, and an average score of 85% in many magazines and websites.

STEREDENN is fast, hard, addictive and action-packed.

Steredenn will be priced at $12.99/€12.99, with a 10% discount for Xbox Live Gold members (Deals With Gold) and until the 11th.

  • Beautiful art and spaceships.
  • Awesome boss fights.
  • Addictive, ruthless.
  • Endless arcade gameplay.
  • Quick and intense sessions.
  • INFINITE REPLAYABILITY: levels are (practically) randomly-generated.
  • ARSENAL: 35 mighty weapons. Driller, ultralaser, giant saw, robots, hypergun? Yup.
  • UPGRADES: enhance the spaceship and unlock new powers and abilities with more than 25 upgrades. Many interactions and combos with the multiple guns and other boosters.
  • SCORING: global leaderboard.
  • DAILY RUN: everyday, everyone got to be the first in a special leaderboard where all players share the same run, guns and bosses. Beware, only one chance per day!
  • ARENA: unlock a boss by defeating it in the normal mode. Then, train against it in a 1 to 1 duel.
  • SUPERPLAY: the game can be defeated in a fixed variant where there is no random.
  • Available in 12 languages (English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Breton).
21 march. 2016
By Matthieu Oger