Here goes a quick description of your product or game. Be concise and explain in very few words the concept or the gameplay and why it's really cool and why everyone should use or play it.


Add some storytelling here. Not the scenario of your game, but rather some backgrounds behind the creation process: why are you making this game? Most projects starts with a cool story.


  • List some "Key Sellings Points" to grab player's attention.
  • Don't be too generic ("pixel art graphics!"), don't be too pretentious ("most incredible game experience!").
  • Also, people like numbers, so you can add some (450 weapons, hundreds of levels, dozens of hours of playtime!).
  • Need ideas? Maybe explain some game modes?
  • It would be a nice place to say something about multiplayer, if you have some.
  • Have you translated your game? (You probably should btw.)


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Short gameplay preview: Burger vs PizzaDownload



Awards & Recognition

  • "Game of the year without a doubt" Saint-Père-Marc-En-Poulet (France), 04 February, 2016
  • "Best soundtrack" A great game festival (World), 01 October, 2015
  • "Best MYGAMENGINE game" Deep into the woods (Forest), 31 March, 2014

Selected Articles

  • This is my favorite game of all time.
    Mum, At home
  • A very serious quote you're very proud of by someone you respect.
    Master, Master's website
  • 10/10 would play it again and again.
    A friendly anonymous Steam reviewer, Steam review
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This is a fake presskit for a fake company called Pizza Burger Studio.
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Pixelnest Studio is a small French studio which creates games, websites and apps. They made Steredenn, a roguelike-shmup in big pixels. They are also behind presskit.html, which you are probably using if you are reading this.
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More information on Pixelnest Studio is available here.

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This is a fake company to illustrate the fact that you can have multiple about tags in your product page.

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