Front-end Web Development Teacher

WebForce3 is a web developer training course in 3 intensive months.

Matthieu was the teacher for the front-end part of the training:

During 6 intensive weeks, I taught a group of 20-30 people the basics of front-end web development. General programming, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Sass.

Because my students were new to programming, I focused heavily on getting the basics right (how to structure, what to use and when, how to code clearly, the purpose of what we are doing, ethics and quality). My intent was to give a robust framework to work in, with excellent fundamentals. I didn’t spend much time on new front-end techs (like React, for example).

For these 6 weeks, I wrote a comprehensive set of documentation for my students, covering the whole front-end spectrum (around 350 000+ words, with dozens of exercises).

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