BULLETML FOR UNITY is a simple and powerful plugin for Unity 4.3 or higher. BULLETML FOR UNITY is a thin wrapper which eases the integration of the famous game library BulletML (used in many shooters) into a Unity3D project. It allows you to design and play some very complex bullet patterns with a simple XML file. It's especially useful in "Shoot'Em Up" games to create memorable boss fights or enemies.


Pixelnest Studio wanted to use the BulletML library in their incoming games. This way, they could create complex sequences and patterns and enhance their shooters. Instead of keeping the code for them, they decided to create a complete plugin, with documentation, examples and patterns. They published it on the Unity Asset Store to reach a large audience and have a taste of the potential of this online store.


  • Simple and lightweight. No scripting required.
  • XML files: easy ro read and to write.
  • Handle the difficulty directly within the patterns.
  • Bullet bank mechanism. Associate a pattern's bullet to a sprite easily.
  • Customizable.
  • Multi-platform.
  • Completely documented.


There are currently no trailers available for BulletML For Unity. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


Selected Articles

  • This is -THE- plugin if you're looking to build your shmup with amazing enemy bullet patterns in a short time.
    WY Leong, "BulletML for Unity" review
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A game made with BulletML for Unity. More on
A game made with BulletML for Unity. More on

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BulletML For Unity Credits

Damien Mayance
Developer, Pixelnest Studio
Matthieu Oger
Developer, Pixelnest Studio